Online Safe Environment Training

Volunteers at HTCS

Safe Environment Requirements

All volunteers who work with children in our building are required by the Sioux Falls Diocese to complete the following Safe Environment requirements.

  • Background Check (every six years)
    • -This form will now be completed online.
    • -If you have completed a background check in the past or aren’t sure about the status of your background check please check in the school office before filling out the online form. We want to avoid duplicates if possible.
  • Complete the Sexual Misconduct Policy (SMP) Questionnaire
    • -This form will now be completed online.
  • Complete Annual Training (every year)-You will be asked to create an account. Please make note of your username and password for training in future years.
    • -A packet with step by step instructions is available in the school office.
    • -This training is now housed on a new platform: CMG Connect.
      • Create an account at
      • Create your profile (your information is confidential and secure)
      • Watch locally-produced video (approx. 35 min)
      • Complete Misconduct Questionnaire (everyone completes a new one this year)
      • Logout
  • Complete a Driver’s Form to drive for field trips (annually)
    • -This form is available in the school office.
  • Complete the Catholic Mutual Defensive Driving Course online to drive for field trips
    • – Defensive Driving is NOT a required training for Safe Environment, even though it may show up under the Required Trainings heading. However, you may complete if you want to.