School Advisory Council

The Holy Trinity Catholic School Advisory Council is an advisory group which assists the pastor and principal. It develops and recommends policies, recommends the school’s budget and tuition rates to the pastor, and helps to promote the school and its programs. The pastor retains the final decision-making responsibility on all Advisory Council recommendations.

The School Advisory council consists of seven lay people. The pastor and principal also serve on the Advisory Council, but are not voting members. A liaison from the HTCP Parish Council, Family, School Organization, and school faculty are also present at the meetings. Each spring, several new members are chosen to serve a three-year term. The board meets every month on the second Tuesday evening, and parents and parishioners are always welcome to attend.

School Advisory Council Members (2022-2023)

Fr. Larry Regynski

Principal Michelle Schoenfelder (

President Danielle Stroud


Erin McGaugh

Jane Meekins

Tim Flanery

Edgar Natareno