After School Program

Open to students from all community schools – call Michelle Schoenfelder at 605-352-9344 for more information!

After-School Program

HTCS School Board approved May 12, 2015 

Parent Handbook


The information in this handbook is provided for all parents/guardians of students enrolled in the Holy Trinity Catholic School After-school Program.  Please contact the Program Director if you have any questions about the program that are not addressed in this handbook.  Registration of a student in the After-school Program is considered acceptance by the parent/guardian of the policies and regulations laid out in this handbook.

Philosophy and Purpose

The Holy Trinity Catholic School After-school Program is committed to providing quality after school care for students in Kindergarten through 6th grade.  Our goal is to provide a secure, supervised, and nurturing environment for students in a state licensed facility.  The After-school Program will extend the mission statement of Holy Trinity Catholic School:


Inspiring children to lead Christian lives, strengthened by our Catholic faith, while cultivating academic excellence.


In partnership with families, we strive to prepare our students to be faith-filled leaders and life-long learners dedicated to serving the Church and community.


Inspire. Excel. Serve.


Days and Hours of Operation

The HTCS After-school program will be available for children in Kindergarten through sixth grade from 3:00-5:30 each day HTCS is in session.  This will include the days that school is dismissed early for teacher in-service.  There will be no care on school vacation days, all-day teacher in-service days, or during the summer.  There will be no care on days that school is cancelled or let out early due to weather conditions.

The After-school Program closes at 5:30.  Parents/guardians whose children remain past 5:30 will be charged overtime fees.  An overtime fee of $1.00 for every minute past 5:30 will be charged per child.  Childcare services may be withdrawn if three overtime charges occur.


Staff members at the After-school Program are carefully screened before hiring.  A thorough orientation process is completed with each staff member.  All staff members maintain First Aid and CPR certifications.  Every staff member is in-serviced with ten hours of child development education every year.  Every staff member meets the Safe Environment requirements of the Diocese of Sioux Falls.


Registration papers must be completed and signed by a parent for each program year.  This includes an Application for Admission to Child Care form and a Schedule Contract form. Immunization records must be current and on file with the After-school Program.  It is the responsibility of the parent to keep the Program Director or Site Supervisor up-to-date on all information pertaining to their child/children:  phone numbers, health information, emergency contacts, as well as schedule changes.  All records and information about children and their families will be protected with the strictest confidentiality.

Schedule and Fee Policy

The After-school Program’s supplies, salaries, and administrative expenses are supported by fees.  Parents/guardians are asked to complete a Schedule Contract at the time of registration.  These are the days your child is scheduled to participate in the After-school Program.  If your child will not be attending during their scheduled times, the parent/guardian is responsible for notifying the Program Director or the Site Supervisor (see absences).  Any changes to the Schedule Contract require a two (2) week written notification on a Revised Schedule Contract form which can be found in Appendix A of this handbook.

_____Unlimited:  Remains the same each week.  This schedule is created at the time of registration.  A set fee of $20.00 is paid each week.  Students are allowed to be in care for any or all of the hours from 3:00-5:30 Monday through Friday.  We ask that parents keep the site supervisor informed if your child will not attend the After-school Program.  Any changes to the schedule require a two (2) week written notification on a Revised Schedule Contract form.  This contract includes care during Early Release days.  Overtime fees of $1.00 for every minute past 5:30 will be charged per child.  Childcare services may be withdrawn if three overtime charges occur.

_____Drop In:  Drop In care will also be available if possible.  The fee for Drop In care is $2.50/hour.  Parents who wish to have their students participate in the After-school program on an as-needed basis need to call the school office by 9:00 on the day care is needed.  Care will be provided if a student opening is available.  If adequate staffing or space is not available, care may be denied.  Students will not be allowed to attend the After-school Program unless prior arrangements have been made.  Once a drop-in day is requested and confirmed by school staff, the parent/guardian will be billed even if the child is not in care.

Payment Policy

Statements will be available on Mondays for the previous week’s care.  Payment is expected at this time.  If payment is not received the child/children will be unable to participate in the After-school Program until payment is received.  Childcare services may be withdrawn permanently if late payment occurs more than once.


It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to contact the Program Director or Site Supervisor if their child will NOT be attending as scheduled.  Students who are contracted for the Unlimited Schedule Option will be expected at the After-school Program every day it is in operation.  Other students will be expected on their contracted days.  If your child will not be attending, please notify the Site Supervisor in advance if possible.  If your child is ill we would appreciate a quick phone call to let us know that your child/children will not be at the After-school Program.

Arrival and Sign-in Procedures

Students will report to the Multipurpose Room immediately following school dismissal.  Attendance and sign-in will be taken at that time.  Students arriving from another school site are asked to come directly to the Multipurpose Room and report to the Site Supervisor for sign-in.  If a scheduled child is not accounted for, phone calls are placed to parents/guardians or emergency numbers as soon as possible.  Drop in students need to be scheduled prior to 9:00 that day by calling the school office.  Office personnel will call parents of students who arrive at the program without being scheduled.

Program Activities

This schedule is in place to provide predictability for parents but flexibility is also important.  A note on the sign-in/out table will inform parents where the children in the After-school Program are at any given time.  Parents are welcome to join us at any time to observe and/or volunteer to help with the After-school Program.  All volunteers must complete the Safe Environment requirements of the Diocese of Sioux Falls.  Parents are encouraged to take part in activities at the After-school Program.

3:00     Arrival / Greeting / Attendance

3:10     Active Play (Outside, weather permitting)

3:45     Wash / Snack

4:00     Homework / Quiet activities

4:45     Learning Activities/Games/Crafts/Library Activities/Computer Lab

5:30     Closing


Homework Policy

One of the purposes of the After-school Program is to give students a quiet environment for study with adult help when needed.  All students will be expected to work on quiet, learning activities during homework time.  Students should always come to the After-school Program with a book to read.  Some activities will be provided during this time for students who do not have homework.


After school snacks are served in the Multipurpose Room.  If a student requires a special diet due to a medical condition, arrangements need to be made with the Program Director.  Students will be served a combination of two of the following food components:  milk, juice, fruit, vegetables, protein, bread or bread alternative.


Transportation to and from the After-school Program is the responsibility of the parent or guardian.  When field trips are scheduled, parent drivers may be asked to volunteer.  All drivers must meet the Safe Environment requirements of the Diocese of Sioux Falls.  People’s Transit may also be used to transport students for field trips.  Field trips will be announced in advance and permission forms will be sent home for parent signature.

Behavior Management

It is the goal of the After-school Program to establish a strong working relationship between child, parent, and staff.  Children in the After-school Program are expected to exhibit behavior that does not disrupt or interfere with the activities and social interaction of the other children.  Children exhibiting disruptive behavior will be asked to “take a break” from the situation.  Positive guidance, redirection, and clear-cut limits will be used.  If unacceptable behavior is chronic or extreme, the child may need to be removed from the After-school Program.

Peers are prohibited from administering discipline.  After-school Program staff will prevent a child from being placed in an environment that would be harmful or dangerous to the child’s physical or emotional health.  Humiliating and frightening punishment such as withholding or forcing snacks; use of substances such as soap, pepper, or hot pepper for punishment; hitting, pinching, shaking, spanking, or inflicting corporal punishment; restriction of movement by binding or enclosing in a confined space; or verbal abuse, threats, or derogatory remarks about the child or family are prohibited.

The School-Wide Rules and Playground Rules from the Holy Trinity Catholic School Parent Handbook will be observed and enforced:


  1. Be Orderly

We will:               a.  Walk quietly in the hallways.

  1.   Enter and leave building quietly.
  2. Be Respectful of Self and Others

We will:               a.  Be cooperative and respectful to all.

  1.   Not use inappropriate language and gestures.
  2.   Receive permission to use other people’s property or materials.
  3.   Keep hats off in the building.
  4. Keep Hands, Feet, and Other Objects to Yourself

We will:               a.  Walk without hitting overhead doorways.

  1.   Walk along hallways without marking walls or windows.
  2.   Refrain from defacing school property.
  3.   Keep to the right when walking down halls.
  4. No Bullying

We will:               a.  Not use intimidating and/or threatening looks, words, or gestures.

  1.   Help others who are being bullied by speaking out and by getting adult help.
  2. No Insubordination

We will:               a.  Obey the rules and follow instruction or directions of all adults.

  1.   Not be defiant or rebellious.

Consequences of Misbehavior

  1. Verbal warning from the adult in charge.
  2. Conference with the adult in charge about misbehavior.
  3. Conference with Principal.
  4. Note sent home to parents about misbehavior from the adult in charge. Must be signed by parent and   returned to the adult that sent the note.
  5. Serious offenses will be dealt with immediately and individually by a team consisting of the student, teacher, principal, and/or parent.
  1. Lunchroom Rules
  2. Proper manners are expected to be used by all students.
  3. Students may talk in low voice. No shouting.
  4. Food should remain on your tray.
  5. No food will be taken from the lunchroom to the playground.
  6. Students will take their trays and scrape them at the assigned area.
  7. Students will return to sit at assigned table.
  8. Students are expected to remain seated until the lunchroom monitor dismisses them.
  9. Students line up quietly and orderly.

Consequences for school wide rules will be used for misbehavior in the lunchroom.


Basic Rules:

Obey the adult on duty.

Play safely.

Be kind to others.

No shoving or pushing.

Take care of the equipment.

Stay on the assigned area.

Keep away from stray animals.

Come back to class on time.

Equipment Rules:

Basketball:  No hanging from hoop.

Playground Balls:  Do not intentionally roof balls.

Merry-go-roundsBoth feet on merry-go-round at all times.

Hang on with at least one hand.

No jumping off while merry-go-round is moving.

Swings:  No jumping out.

One person to a swing.

Sitting only. 

Horizontal ladder:  Move in one direction only.

No climbing on top of bars.

Slides: Slide down only (no climbing up slide or on top of tunnel slide).

No rocks on the slide.

Football:  No tackle.

Winter Rules:  No climbing on snow hills.

No throwing snow.

No sliding on the ice.

No digging in the asphalt.

Consequences for Misbehavior

  1. Verbal warning from adult in charge.
  2. Conference with adult in charge and/or stand by the wall.
  3. Conference with principal.
  4. Note sent home to parents about misbehavior from the adult in charge. Must be signed by parent and   returned to the adult that sent the note.
  5. Serious offenses will be dealt with immediately and individually by a team consisting of the student, teacher, principal, and/or parent.


Children who are sick, have vomited or had a fever within the last 24 hours should not attend the After-school Program.  Children who are absent from school or who leave school because of illness will not be allowed to attend the After-school Program.

Infectious diseases are extremely common in childhood, and many of them are contagious.  If your child has any of the following, they are not allowed to attend the After-school Program:  measles, chicken pox, shingles, mumps, head lice, scabies, pneumonia, strep throat, conjunctivitis (pink-eye), ringworm, German measles, impetigo, bacterial meningitis, whooping cough.

If signs of illness develop while a child is at the After-school Program he/she will be separated from the other children and the child’s parent/guardian will be notified.  If a parent/guardian cannot be reached, emergency contact numbers will be used.  Parents/guardians will be asked to pick up the child as soon as possible.


If possible, a parent should administer all medications at home.  If a circumstance requires a child to take medication while at the After-school Program arrangements need to be made with the Site Supervisor or the Program Director.  Medication may be given to children only with the written consent of the parent/guardian.  The Site Supervisor has medication permission forms to be filled out.  Medications must be in the original container.


The health and safety of the children entrusted to our care is very important and we work to prevent accidents from happening.  If a minor accident occurs during our care, basic first aid will be administered and a report will be completed to inform parents of the incident.  The original will remain in the child’s records and parents will be provided with a copy.

In the event of a medical emergency or accident requiring a doctor’s treatment, we will attempt to contact the parent immediately at the telephone numbers you have provided on your registration materials.  If we are unable to reach a parent, we will attempt to notify the emergency contacts on your registration form and the child’s physician or ambulance as needed.

Child Abuse Reporting

As a child-care agency, all staff and volunteers are obligated by law to report any suspected cases of child abuse or neglect.  All employees will be required to read and sign a statement defining child abuse/neglect and the procedures and responsibilities for reporting such cases.  Any signs of abuse or neglect will be reported to the Department of Social Services.  A background screening will be required of each staff member and volunteer.  All diocesan Safe Environment requirements will be met.

If a staff member is suspected of child abuse or neglect, a report will immediately be made to the Department of Social Services or law enforcement officials.  The staff member will be removed from work with children while the incident is under investigation. All diocesan policies will be followed.  The continued employment of any staff will then be decided by HTCS administration.

Emergency Evacuation Plan

In the event of fire, tornado, or other crisis, the staff of the After-school Program will follow the procedures laid out in the Holy Trinity Catholic School Parent Handbook:



In the event that Holy Trinity Catholic School is evacuated, students will be taken to Holy Trinity Catholic Church.  Faculty and students have been prepared for fire and severe storm emergencies.  In the event that further evacuation is required, students will be taken to Carr Chiropractic Clinic.


In the event that we need to evacuate the building due to a fire the following plan will be used:

  1. The teacher shall instruct the students on the procedure to leave the room in single file and quietly. Students shall walk outside and gather on the south side of the parking lot away from the school.
  2. After the students are outside they should line up alphabetically and the teacher will account for all students by using a class roster.
  3. The principal shall make sure the building is clear and all students and staff are accounted for.
  4. The following exits will be used:
    1. South School Door:  Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, Computer, Library, Speech, and Title
    2. South CCE Door:  Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth
    3. Main School Door: Multi-Purpose Room, School Office
    4. West New Edition Door: Music
  5. If students are on the playground when the alarm sounds, the teacher should gather all students and walk them around the West side of the Church to join the rest of the students.
  6. Fire drills will be performed twice per semester.

In the event of a tornado the following plan shall be followed:

  1. The teacher shall instruct the students on the procedure to leave the room in single file and quietly.
  2. The teacher will account for all students once the class is assembled in their assigned location.
  3. The designated area for the school wing is the hallway between the fire doors and the computer lab.
    1. Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, First, and Second will use the computer lab
    2. Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth will be in the hallway.
    3. Music and Multi-purpose room will use the west bathrooms.
  4. Tornado drills are done once a semester.
  5. Safety Management Plan and Crisis Management Guidelines can be found in each classroom, the school office, and the parish office.

Sign-out Procedure

Children will only be allowed to leave the After-school Program with persons authorized by their parents/guardians to pick them up.  Persons who regularly pick students up should be listed on the registration form.  If someone else is picking your child/children up please notify the Site Supervisor or Program Director.


Parent support, communication, and involvement are key factors of each child’s development and are essential for the successful operation of our program.  We will work closely with parents to understand your child’s needs.

At the sign-in/out table in the Multipurpose Room you will find several methods to enhance this communication.  Notes about changes in the After-school Program schedule or policies will be communicated to parents through posted notes and parent letters.

The sign-out sheet will also be found on this table.  Please sign your child/children out of the program and sign this form.  A Parent’s Notebook is located by the sign-out sheet.  Please use this notebook to communicate information about your child’s schedule or other important information to the After-school Program staff.

If you have questions or concerns, please discuss them with the Site Supervisor or the Program Director.  Communication between parents and staff is imperative to maintain a high quality program.