FSO (Family School Organization)

FSO has played a major supporting role within our school system for many years.  The largest accomplishment of Holy Trinity’s FSO has been to provide the school with items unable to be purchased through the school budget–“wish list” items.  Those events that produce income go to provide these special purchases.  Our most recent contribution was the playground equipment and improvements.  With continued support, we will be able to continue to provide the student and faculty with these types of gifts that will improve our school now and in the future.

FSO meets four times a year and has offices of President, Secretary, Treasurer and Liaison.  These are 2-year terms.   Everyone employed with or having a student in Holy Trinity Catholic School is considered a member of FSO.  It is our joy to be able to provide all of the students with both fun activities to participate in and needed things for their school.  We strongly encourage participation in this organization.  All children reap the rewards, and it is such a great example to show them what all of our joined forces can accomplish!

FSO Officers:

President: Becky Allerdings

Vice-President:  Jenni Sorben

Secretary:  Megan Hartman

HTCS Advisory Council Liason:  Danielle Stroud

Treasurer: Michelle Schoenfelder