SCRIP Program

What is SCRIP?
SCRIP is a fundraiser for Holy Trinity Catholic School.  SCRIP is a program of buying gift cards used at local and national business through our school.  SCRIP allows us to purchase gift cards for everyday expenses like food, clothing, and entertainment, while earning a percentage of each dollar of SCRIP purchased back in revenue.

How does it work?
SCRIP gift cards are issued by  retailers where our Holy Trinity families already shop.  SCRIP gift cards are purchased at a discount, and then sold for face value.  The difference in price is our fundraiser.  Businesses offer a discount because they receive payment immediately for future sales.  This means you can support the success of our Catholic school at no cost to you.

Where do I buy it?
You may purchase SCRIP cards at the HTCS or parish office during business hours, through the brown envelopes sent home through HTCS every week, or after weekend masses at Holy Trinity Church.  Orders are placed for SCRIPon Monday, and can be picked up at HTCS or parish offices on or after Thursday (12:00), after weekend masses, or will be sent home in the brown envelopes when HTCS is in session.

Which businesses are participating?
There is also a national list of 500+ retailers from which we can order SCRIP gift cards.  A complete list of these businesses can be requested at HTCS and parish office.  Many of these gift cards can be used online as well as in person.  We keep local and regional business gift cards on hand at HTCS and church offices, but we can order from any of the businesses listed.  SCRIP gift cards are a great gift idea too!

Do my purchases really help?
YES – every sale helps, no matter the size.  All of us remembering to use SCRIP gift cards when possible will make this program a huge success.  Every time you use SCRIP you are making an average of a 4% contribution, without any additional cost to you.

What can 4% do?  If 75% of families in our parish (or 600 families) used an average of $100 in SCRIP every month (for some families, this would simply be buying groceries with SCRIP gift cards), we would raise $28,800 annually!

Key to Program: Purchase SCRIP gift cards/certificates for ALL your shopping needs.  Do you shop groceries or gas from any of the businesses listed?  Budget your money to buy what SCRIP cards you will need for the pay period.  Allow your normal everyday purchases work for you!

But you don’t have….Are you not seeing a business you always shop?  Please contact Pam Hegg by email or phone at 605-352-9344.

Full business listing: A full listing of business can be viewed at